2013, Cilt 29, Sayı 1, Sayfa(lar) 043-045
Comparative efficacy of ivermectin plus clorsulon and nitroxynil against naturally infected cattle
Ausraful Islam1, 2
1Reap Program, Mennonite Central Committee Bangladesh
2Center for Communicable Diseases, icddr,b, Bangladesh
Keywords: Efficacy, ivermectin, clorsulon, nitroxynil
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This study was conducted to determine a suitable injectable preparation against to helminthes in cattle. Fifty six cattle were divided to three groups. The first (n: 27), second (n: 16) and third (n: 14) group were treated with the drug containing ivermectin+clorsulon, nitroxynil and combination of both, respectively. In all three groups, the drugs showed 100% efficacy against Fasciola sp. In the first group, ova of Paramphistomum sp. were present in all post treatment observation and the drug showed 80% efficacy during the last observation. The ova of strongyles were absent at 60 days post treatment observation. In the second group, 100% efficacy of nitroxynil was not observed against Paramphistomum sp. and strongyles. In the third group, combined drug showed 100% efficacy against strongyles from 30 days post treatment observation up to last observation. The ova of Paramphistomum sp. were absent only at 60 days post treatment observation. The efficacy of combined drugs treatment was significantly (p<0.05) higher than ivermectin plus clorsulon treatment against Paramphistomum sp. Combination of ivermectin, clorsulon and nitroxynil can successfully be used in the control programs.